Fanbrush™, is the first ever multiple face paint on the market. Safe, clean and quick to use, it can be customized to the colors and with logo of any clubs, nations, sponsors or for an event.

Available in 1 to 6 colors for retailing or promotion, Fanbrush™ allows several meters of face paint in parallel or asymetrical lines (as the USA flag pattern).
Designed for a safe makeup, the ingredients are hypoallergenics without paraben and MIT. The removal is easy with cleansing lotion, soapy water or with a simple tissue. For children under 3 years old we recommand an adult supervision.

Fanbrush™ is Made in France, fully compliant with the international cosmetic regulations and protected by patent and brands © IMALIS.

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IMALIS is legally responsible for placing its products on the market. In accordance with cosmetic regulations, the company holds the Product Information File (PIF) compliant and updated.

We guarantee that our products comply with current regulations including European n ° 1223/2009, French Public Health Article L.5131-4 and USA FDA regulations. Our teams constantly and closely check the quality.

Our products are registered in the distribution countries.

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