Sharing Emotions in Colors

Fanbrush® revolutionising face paint for fans since 2006

Fanbrush® is the world's first multi-line makeup pen. It has become an essential accessory for sports fans, a fun addition to parties and a proud symbol at pride events. With 1000+ references, our successful innovation has been distributed in over 21 countries around the world. Eco-designed product, made in France, protected by patents and trademarks.



The world's first multi-line face paint pen. Innovating since 2006. Protected by patents and trademarks.


 1000+ flags from 1 to 6 colors. In lines, crosses, checks or mixed. New references on order.


Made in France. Environmentally friendly design,
reduced packaging. SMETA 4P certification.


Worldwide distribution.
Sports, Pride, Parties. Complies with international regulations.

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From vibrant face paint for sports fans to playful powder in fun runs, and vivid body paint in Rainbow parades, color serves as a joyful and expressive symbol of belonging. It unites individuals with their teams, communities, or personal identities. Our range covers to the realms of Sports, Parties, and Pride events, embracing the power of color in every celebration.


Face paint for sports fans has become a global phenomenon, providing a joyful way to show support. A fan wearing face-paint radiates positivity, visibly embodying their passion and unity with fellow supporters.


Asserting identity plays a pivotal role in LGBTQi+ pride events. Our face paint provides a vivid and affirmative way to embrace and express one's own identity or to show solidarity with diverse sexual identities. The Equality Flag range features seven distinct Fanbrush® options, each celebrating a different spectrum of identity with colors representing Rainbow, Lesbian, Pansexual, Non-binary, Transgender, Bisexual, and Asexual communities.


Year after year, our face-paint becomes a vibrant part of national celebrations (like St. Patrick's Day and various National Days), adds emotion to special events (including music festivals and Happenings), and enhances the spirit of university and festive gatherings (such as Halloween and Carnival). 


Fanbrush® is available for re-sale, promotional merchandising or events. Our products offer endless possibilities for customization, featuring anywhere from 1 to 6 colors, perfectly adapted for any type of flag or face paint design.
Fanbrush bleu, blanc, rouge

Promotional merchandise

Customizable color combinations with logos on the case, the PROMO offer is the ideal solution for promotions, promotional merchandise, in-pack bonuses.

Fanbrush packaging

Fan Shop

Presented in customizable packaging, the CLUB offer is aimed at clubs and distributors for resale to consumers.

Fanbrush event


The BLANK offer is designed for makeup operations at event venues.

Emotions in Colors

Whether in the form of face paint for sports fans, powder thrown in fun races or body paint in Rainbow processions, color is now an integral part of sporting, festive or protest events around the world. Our success story began with the 2006 launch of Fanbrush™ in Europe.

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News, Fanbrush® around the world

Our product is now distributed in more than 21 countries: Europe, USA, India, Australia, Japan. We can export to any other country. With over 1000 references and unlimited combinations we can create any new reference on demand.

Official Product, ICC Cricket World Cup in India

Fanbrush® is delighted to announce its official partnership with the International Cricket Council (ICC) for the highly anticipated ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 in India between October 5 and November 19.

1 Million Fanbrush® for the Rugby World Cup.

In 2023, we will put more than 1 million #Fanbrush on the French market alone 🇫🇷 and distribute it to +25 countries including high-potential markets like Japan 🇯🇵 or Australia 🇦🇺. #Fanbrush is the first multi-line face paint pen in the world, a product protected by trademarks and patents. It is available in +1000 references. Made in France is a guarantee of quality recognized throughout the world.

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Official Product in Australia

Fanbrush is Official product of ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022 #T20worldcup in Australia.

Fanbrush® au Japon

Fanbrush® will be distributed on the Japanese market during the #FIBA World Cup. Thank you to our partners for their excellent work.
Fanbrush® は #FIBA ワールドカップ期間中に日本市場で配布されます。 パートナーの方々の素晴らしい仕事に感謝します。

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