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Fanbrush™ was designed for quick and easy fan face paint in a vibrant context.

The range includes 1000+ references for face paint of all types of flags, in lines, crosses, checkers etc.

The products can be personalized with the colors and logo of a club, a nation, an institution or an event.

Fanbrush© is the world's first multi-line makeup pen. Made in France, protected by trademarks and patents.

Product Offers

As a Goodie

The Fanbrush© PROMO offer is designed for use as promotional merchandise or in-pack gifts. It is available for any nation, club, association or pride event, and includes:

Fan Shops

For resale in Fan shops or other retail outlets, the Fanbrush© CLUB offer, is available for any nation, club, association or pride event, and includes:


For on-site face-paint events, the Fanbrush© BLANK offer is available for any reference, nation, club, association or pride:
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100+ References

We offer two types of Fanbrush models, in lines (2, 3 or 6 colors) and in crosses (4 colors). The range allows makeup to be covered in any color combination from 1 to 6 colors and any type of flags made up of:

  • Lines (France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Rainbow etc…)
  • Cross (England, Sweden, Denmark…)
    Semi-cross (Dubai…)
  • Checks (Croatia…)
  • Circles (Japon…)
  • Mixed (USA, Breizh…)

We have 15 colors as standard which can be combined on any reference.


Fanbrush© is a quality product, made in France, compliant with international cosmetic regulations. 

The makeup is composed of fat-soluble ingredients, mostly of natural origin, without Paraben or MIT. Makeup removal is easy with cleanser, soapy water or just a tissue. This is not a child's toy. Use possible from 3 years old under the supervision of an adult. 

Each product contains 6 grams of makeup, the equivalent of 6 meters of line. A product protected by patent and trademarks under the exclusive property of IMALIS.

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The IMALIS company is committed to a CSR approach and has been SMETA 4P certified since 2022.

We favor recyclable raw materials and those made from recycled raw materials. We limit packaging. Fanbrush® is a product made in France whose case is made of PP and the cover is made of PS, materials made from recycled and recyclable materials. We do not use PVC.

Fanbrush® is a product with a long shelf life and allows more than 100 uses, the equivalent of 6 meters of makeup.

We offer personalization using labels and/or customizable paper cards with recyclable packaging.

We avoid, and recommend avoiding, single-use packaging, such as individual packaging, because careless consumers tend to throw them away immediately and this has a negative impact on the environment. We continually monitor the evolution of raw materials and responsible solutions to continue improving Fanbrush®.


IMALIS is responsible for placing its products on the market and, in accordance with the law, holds the complete and up-to-date Product Information File (PIF).
We guarantee that our products comply with current regulations including European regulation CE n°1223/2009, which replaces directive 76/768/CE of July 27, 1976 and article L.5131-4 of the Public Health Code French and FDA regulations for the USA (FDA compliant).
Our products are registered in the countries of distribution.
Our teams carefully monitor quality.
We are strongly commited to a CSR approach

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