An incredible journey.

As a spectator as well as a passionate participant in sports, I had a simple idea that came to me when I “opened my eyes”. After months of study and research, in a field then unknown to me, I became convinced that I had to create Fanbrush™, the first multi-line makeup pencil in the world.

Very quickly adopted by supporters when it was launched on the market in 2006 with Adidas Europe, it now allows fans even beyond sport to share their emotions in color with the face-paint of flags or symbols or more complex shapes such as a representation of the USA flag.

It was a breakthrough innovation.

Since then, fan face paint has become essential in stadiums all over the world but also in pride and national or student celebrations.

Committed to sustainability, we are constantly improving our product by using recycled and recyclable materials, removing unnecessary excess packaging and reducing the weight and volumes transported to minimize our carbon impact.

We have sold several million units to date, in 20+ countries on all continents.

An incredible journey.

Pierre Maillé


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IMALIS is a SARL under French law. IMALIS is the exclusive rights holder for Fanbrush™, a Made in France product protected by patent and trademarks. Exploitation rights are reserved. IMALIS has its own packaging line and uses specialized partners depending on the product (formulation, manufacturing, packaging), and can create new products with controlled investments. IMALIS participates in coloring operations for stadiums or party venues in order to contribute to the development of positive values ​​of fairplay, celebration and joy.


The world's first-ever multi-line face painting pen

As a spectator as well as a passionate participant in sports, I had a simple idea that came to me when I “opened my eyes”. Pierre Maillé


IMALIS is responsible for placing its products on the market and, in accordance with the law, holds the complete and up-to-date Product Information File (PIF).

We guarantee that our products comply with current regulations including European regulation CE n°1223/2009, which replaces directive 76/768/CE of July 27, 1976 and article L.5131-4 of the Public Health Code French and FDA regulations for the USA (FDA compliant). 

Our teams carefully monitor quality.
We are strongly commited to a CSR approach

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